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Why do we

  • Profitable terms

    Universal leasing company is a key client for financing banks and insurance companies, we attract loans and insure property on favorable terms

  • Equity

    We have a sufficient amount of equity capital, so we make decisions on financing individual projects without attracting additional partner financing.

  • Universal approach

    We consider all options for leasing operations, we are ready to supply any property of Russian or foreign manufacturers.

  • Flexible terms

    We consider applications from all companies, regardless of the "size" of the business. We try to offer the client the most flexible and convenient terms of cooperation.

  • 8 hours to solve

    We make a decision on financing within one working day

  • Independent in decision making

    We are an independent company and we make the decision to finance the transaction without approval at the head offices, which is our significant advantage over our competitors.

  • Participation in state programs

    We participate in state federal and regional business support programs and are able to use the possibilities of state support when developing a leasing deal scheme.

  • We support small business

    The company has programs for financing small and medium-sized businesses through banks using its own funds.

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